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Off-Roaders Use Battery Tender for a More Reliable Battery

Off-road vehicles can put a great amount of strain on a vehicle battery. With the addition of accessories, lights, and winches, the battery can often struggle to fight against drain. Battery Tender is a brand that combats total draining of batteries with a variety of products to keep you from being stranded by a dead battery. Specifically, Battery Tender makes product that charge and maintain a vehicle’s battery.

Check out these product lines:

Battery Tender Plus - When you need a full charge without the possible damages of trickle charges, this is a great choice. The Plus offers and maintains a full charge and includes a quick connect harness for hard to reach areas.

Battery Tender Junior - This product is extremely popular — it’s a trickle charger that’s lightweight and compact, fully automatic, easy to use, and will keep a battery fully charged.

Battery Tender Extension Leads - These are for use with the Battery Tender Junior, Plus, 4, 5, or 10 Bank units. Products like this are made to extend the length of the charger’s reach from the input to the battery.

Battery Tender Harness - A Battery Tender ring terminal harness like this one offers extra vehicle wire lead. It’s for use with batteries on one vehicle — it allows you to leave the terminals on more than one battery, and then move the charger as needed.

Check out these products by Battery Tender in our online selection. Order your products now to keep the battery on your vehicle from draining due to excess strain from accessories and equipment.