Complete Offroad - Axles


There’s nothing worse than having fun offroad and then BANG, an axle shaft breaks and you’re back to wrenching. Complete Offroad carries a wide variety of hardened axle shafts that keep you in the driver’s seat and NOT underneath your vehicle while everybody else waits for you to fix your rig.

Yukon 4340 Chrome-moly axle shafts feature a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty, giving you peace of mind out on the trail. USA Standard, Yukon’s value line, also features 4340 axles but at a lower price point. And its hard to beat the CV-style front axle kits from RCV Performance, available in both 4340 Chrome-moly and 300M material.

COMPLETE Axle kits give you the same premium quality 4340 Chromo-moly and a Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty at a much lower price. Get yours today! Browse parts and order online or give us a call at 888-233-9667.

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