Complete Offroad - Dropouts & Pinion Supports

Drivetrain - Dropouts & Pinion Supports
Advantages, Disadvantages, and Upgrades

The biggest advantage of a dropout is that the differential can be removed for easy service on the bench. In addition vehicle dynamics that cause the housing to flex will not affect differential operation as much as they do with an integral carrier.

The biggest reason for the decline in removable carriers is the cost. Compared to an integral carrier type the removable carrier is more expensive to manufacture as well as being heavier than its equivalent.

If you have an OEM removable carrier there are options if you’d like to give it more strength or power, options like:

  • Nodular iron or aluminum materials which offer a significant strength increase over cast iron
  • Larger cap bolts to stand up to higher torque
  • Load-bolts to decrease ring gear deflections under high torque situations
  • Larger carrier bearing bores to accommodate larger aftermarket axle upgrades.