Complete Offroad - Gear and Install Kit Packages

Drivetrain - Gear and Install Kit Packages

Upgrading your gear set makes a ton of sense. Not only does it provide some additional peace of mind (no one wants to deal with a busted gear set out on a trail), but it can also help you improve the low-end performance of your offroad vehicle. That means more power for climbing, crawling, recoveries, etc.

Many people who purchase a gear set do so as part of a kit, as the kit includes everything you’ll need to re-gear your differential. That way, you don’t start your project only to realize you’ve forgotten an important part.

We offer a wide selection of gear set and install kit packages, for many popular vehicle axles (Chrysler, Dana, GM, Ford, Suzuki, Toyota, etc.). If you’re looking to leave room in your budget for other upgrades but still want a high quality install kit, we offer USA Standard, Yukon’s value line, or our own COMPLETE brand.

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