5 Awesome IPF Light Install Pics

IPF makes a variety of lights for off-roaders and has become a very popular name in the off-roading community. As more and more people discover the brand, we’re seeing their lights on some pretty cool setups. Check out these installed IPF lights, then take a look at our selection here.

Toyota Tacoma with IPF Lights on Grille Guard

Tacoma IPF Grille

This slick Tacoma looks extremely aggressive, and ready to hit the trails! Between the grille guard, the winch, and the lights, this is definitely a Tacoma with a front end done right thanks to the ARB bumper combo.

Jeep JK with Hood Mounted IPF Lights


Hood/cowl mounted IPF lights give this Jeep JK more lighting without adding too much to the grille — which is well-equipped with lighting already. The higher mounting point will provide good projection when hitting the trails.

FJ Cruiser Rocking IPF Lights


This FJ has a nearly identical setup as its Tacoma cousin mentioned above. This grille guard/light/winch bumper combo seems to look especially awesome when mounted to Toyota off-road ready vehicles.

Tacoma with Roof and Front End IPF Lights

Tacoma IPF roof

This Tacoma should have no problem with low-light situations. It’s got four IPF round lights for good down low projection, and four on the roof to light a longer/wider path for the driver — this vehicle would make a great pack leader on night rides.

Ford Ranger with IPF Lights Behind the Grille

Ranger IPF

Between the lights, tires, and good overall off-road characteristics of this Ranger, this truck has probably seen its share of trails. The behind the grille mounted lights are a great mounting option if you’re worried about the lights getting damaged, or if you don’t want to change the body lines of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for IPF light mounting inspiration, hopefully you’ve found it here. They come in a variety of shapes, configurations, combos, etc. and can be mounted anywhere you need them. Check them out for yourself to see why they’re such a popular lighting option.

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