Dana 80 Rear Axle Differential Parts

Dana 80 Differential Parts, Gears, and Axle Upgrades

Axle Specifications:

Ring Gear Diameter: 11.250
Diff Cover Bolts: 10
Ring Gear Bolts: 12
Axle Spline Count: 37, 35
Axle Shaft Style: Full-Floating
C-Clips: No
Pinion Support: No
Pinion Nut: 1-7/8"
Pinion Crush Sleeve: No
Carrier Breaks: 3.73 / 4.10
Dropout Carrier: No
Max Output Torque: 10,000 ft-lbs
Max Cont. Torque: 2,500 ft-lbs

Torque Specifications:

Pinion Preload New: 25 to 40 in-lbs
Pinion Preload Reused: 9 to 11 in-lbs
Ring Gear Backlash: .004" to .010"
Ring Gear Bolt Torque: 175 ft-lbs
Carrier Bearing Caps: 90 ft-lbs
Popular Applications:

Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 1994 - 2002 Rear
Ford F-350 (Super Duty) 1988 - 2011 Rear
Ford F-450 Super Duty 1999 - 2005 Rear
GMC K30 / K35 1990 - 2000 Rear

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Axle Details

The Dana 80 axle is commonly found on full-size Chevy, Ford, and Dodge trucks and features a massive 11.25" diameter ring gear and 35 or 37 spline axle shafts. They are only available in full floating rear axle configurations and, although they are some of the strongest axles you can find, there isn't much aftermarket support other than a few ring and pinion sets and a handful of lockers. Dana 80 axles look similar to D70 and D60 axles with a 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, however, the easiest way to spot them is to look for the "80" cast in the differential housing.