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Lube Locker

Gaskets may seem so inconsequential, until you can’t count on your gaskets anymore. When you use premium quality gaskets for your differential, you can drive your vehicle with confidence. Lube Locker is a top name among differential gasket manufactures. Their designs are uncompromising in performance and quality, and they know how to make a gasket that meets the high demands of motorsporting.

Failure to use a proper gasket, or skipping the gasket for a sealant instead, will lead to problems that may permanently damage your differential. By using anything less than top quality gaskets like those from Lube Locker, you could be allowing grit and dirt in, while allowing differential lube to escape. The ultimate result is a loss of lubrication and contaminants traveling around the delicate internal components of your differential.

Lube Locker gaskets will take a beating on the trail and will create a perfect mating surface for your differential. In our online store, you’ll find a complete selection of Lube Locker gaskets for popular models, like:

  • Gaskets for the Dana 30
  • Gaskets for the Dana 44
  • Gasket for the Ford 9”

Get your Lube Locker gaskets now. Your differential is an investment, and you don’t want to risk damage over a poor quality seal.

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