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It is important that your 4x4 can get in and out of tough areas, and it is important that the parts on that vehicle are tough and capable. Dana Spicer offers products like u-joints built for off road and heavy-duty use. Clarence Spicer started Dana Holding Corporation in 1904 with his patented encased universal joint. By 1906, he was providing u-joints to Corbin, Mack and Buick Motor Company. Today, Dana has become a world leader in driveshafts, axles, off-road transmissions, and sealants. You can find a Dana product on the NASCAR circuit as well as in an 18-wheeler going down the highway.

Complete Offroad carries a large selection of parts from Dana Spicer. From ABS sensors to clutch disks, Dana offers products that will take your vehicle off-road and back again.

Complete Offroad has installed every Dana Spicer part we carry, so get in touch if you have questions. Browse and order parts online, send us an email, or give us a call at 888-233-9667!

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