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Auburn Gear

Auburn Gear is a well-known brand amongst automotive enthusiasts, especially off-roaders. For more than four decades, Auburn Gear has been making high quality, high performance differentials made of the best quality gears and shafts. For driving on the road to the muddy trails, Auburn Gear’s differentials outperform OEM standard differentials across the board. Differentials like these posi units, or our selection here, can help you boost off-road performance.

People consistently choose Auburn Gear differentials thanks to:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Realibilty

Auburn Gear differentials deliver more traction, faster engagement, and more controlled power transfer for lightning fast reaction to changing driving conditions. Auburn Gear engineers their differentials for light duty trucks, sports utility vehicles, dedicated off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, and more. They provide smooth torque sensing operation due to bias rations that meet all performance needs. Superior performance is reached due to the use of an innovative cone clutch design that moves more power to the wheel with the most traction for quicker acceleration and tighter cornering. These differentials are available in a full range for many makes and models.

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