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Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries came about when former MLB player Jason Christiansen’s needed a better light on his Polaris Ranger. When he was introduced to LED lighting technology, he could see in an instant that it would be game changing for the off road industry. The square and rectangular lights didn’t appeal to everyone though and many wrote it off. In 2006, Jason started the business that would later become Rigid Industries, named twice as a Fastest Growing Company in the US by Inc.

Complete Offroad carries a selection of Rigid Lighting LED lights in a variety of sizes and lengths. We also offer accessories such as light covers. We know that Rigid Industries LED lights aren’t the least expensive option on the market, but there’s a good reason for that: Rigid Industries LEDs utilize top-quality heat sinks, which means the lights should operate flawlessly for decades. Cheaper LEDs often have cheap heat sinks, which means they can literally burn out if you operate them for any extended period.

We know this little tidbit about heat sinks because we’ve installed (and use) all the parts that we sell, and we’re here to help. Feel free to call 888-233-9667 with questions.

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