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Off-road driving takes a toll on your vehicle, and you want the best performance you can get while you rock climb or scramble up a hill. Eaton manufactures clutch, torque and transmission management systems and products for off-road vehicles. They began in 1900 by patenting the first gear driven rear axle for a truck, and since that day, they have focused on gears and axles. Today, they are in six continents with 49 facilities and 15,000 employees, and they still focus on gears and axles. They not only make parts that work on your 4x4, they also are a leading producer of aerospace components.

Complete Offroad carries a number of parts from Eaton that fit a variety of makes and models. Choose from axles, spring kits, lockers, and other parts that will give you the best off road performance.

We not only sell parts online, but we have a full service shop and we also drive our own vehicles off-road. Call us at 888-233-9667 today, and we will get you set up for your off-road adventure.