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Spartan Locker

The Spartan Locker, by USA Standard Gear, provides reliable traction at a low cost. Choose a Spartan Locker for better traction. The Spartan Locker by USA standard gear is a mechanical locker that replaces the spiders in a standard case.

Spartan Locker's design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap! The couplers and drivers are made from 9310 steel for added strength.

In our line of Spartan Lockers, we carry popular configurations such as:

  • Ford 8.8”
  • Ford 9”
  • GM 12 Bolt
  • GM 8.5”
  • Toyota 7.5”
  • Toyota 8”
  • Toyota 9.5”
  • Chrysler 8.25”
  • AMC Model 20
  • …and More!

We also carry the popular Spartan Locker Dana configurations. When you shop for units like this Dana 30, the popular Dana 44 like this one, or the extremely durable Dana 60, you can get the differential you want at an affordable price. On top of quality and affordability, these units are also easy to install.

Each Spartan locker carries a one year warranty against defect. Shop our selection and buy your Spartan Locker from Complete Offroad now.

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