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When heading off-road, you need an axle and gear set that is made for all the extreme conditions you may, and probably will, encounter. Complete Offroad carries a line of high-quality gears, axles and install kits that have been rebranded under the Complete Offroad name. We don’t believe in using cheap parts, and we would never put our own name on anything less than the best.

Complete Offroad was purchased by Seven Springs Customs (SSC) in 2005. SSC specializes in the manufacture of heavy-duty Trail Defense differential covers, steering components and specialty drivetrain tools. When SSC bought Complete Offroad, they were able to expand into the drivetrain market. Originally, we were focused on the Ford Bronco; we now reach all makes and models of off-road vehicles and have interests in street cars and racing applications worldwide.

Complete Offroad knows about off-roading. We sponsor and race in local events and have a brick and mortar off-road shop. If you have any questions, call us at 888-233-9667 today.