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Going off-road means that your 4x4 is subjected to a number of hazards that it normally wouldn’t be. While thrashing through underbrush, wading in water and climbing over rocks, your vehicle is exposed to extreme conditions, and Smittybilt offers a variety of solutions to keep your vehicle in tip top shape.

In 1956, Basil Smith started Smittybilt as Rock-ett Products in his garage. Known as Smitty, he was one of the first 4x4 fans, and he was focused on building equipment to outfit 4x4 vehicles. His son took over and they renamed the company to Smittybilt and continued to develop products like the Nerf Bar side step and bumpers for Jeeps. They both continue to be in touch with the off-road community and offer cutting edge products.

Complete Offroad carries a range of bumpers , tire covers, armor and recovery equipment. We have installed all of the products that we sell, so we have experience in Smittybilt equipment. If you have any questions, send us an email, stop by, or give us a call at 888-233-9667.

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Air Compressors & Accessories
Few 4x4 accessories offer as many advantages to off-roaders as readily available on-board air. It's not unusual to get several punctures in one day when traveling in extreme off-road conditions. In...More Details »
Smittybilt Winches
Winch Accessories
From protective covers, rope covers and more, Complete Offroad offers a complete line of high quality Zeon winch accessories to help keep you prepared for any situation that may arise in the off-road world and beyond.
Items 1-3 of 3