Dana 50 Axle & Torque Specs - Use The Diff Wizard to Find Parts

Dana 50 Differential Parts, Ring and Pinion Gear Sets, and Axle Upgrades

Axle Specifications:

Ring Gear Diameter: 9"
Diff Cover Bolts: 10
Ring Gear Bolts: 10
Axle Spline Count: 30
Carrier Breaks: None

Torque Specifications:

Pinion Preload New: 17 to 30 in-lbs
Pinion Preload Reused: 8 to 10 in-lbs
Ring Gear Backlash: .006" to .010"
Ring Gear Bolt Torque: 110 ft-lbs
Carrier Bearing Caps: 80 ft-lbs

Compatible Vehicles:

Ford Excursion 2000 - 2005 Front
Ford F-250 3/4 ton 1998 - 1999 Front
Ford F-250 Super Duty 1999 - 2002 Front
Ford F-350 Super Duty 1 Ton 1999-2002 Front

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Axle Details

Often confused with the Dana 60, the Dana 50 axle features a 9" ring gear 30 spline axle shafts and is available in both solid axle and IFS configurations for front applications. Dana 50 axles can be identified by their 10 cover bolts, hexagon shaped diff cover with very round edges, and a fill plug located near the axle centerline. Please check your Dana bill of material number for identification.